This is one of the things we do best

Helping you refocus and execute on your vision for God’s Kingdom.

From start-ups to mega churches, we are here to help you:

Your team will leave us:

1. With a greater understanding of your vision and purpose with clarity

2. Confidence in making the next steps

3. Revived for ministry

Our Customized Plans

start with why

Understand your “Why” as a whole for the Kingdom. Through mission/values/vision, know how to communicate it with confidence and clarity while working towards the future vision of your ministry.

Human Resources management

It’s time to focus on the frontline, where it all begins. We help you develop, reinforce and determine the core and culture of your ministry with a focus on member, volunteer and the employee experience.  

Team Building

Enhance social relations and define roles within your teams with collaborative task.

Pulse check

Revive your church/ministry and reignite the zeal of  your ministry.

Strategic planning

Plan for your future.

addie for your ministry

Teach you how to properly setup and execute a program or event for success

Our Signature Process

Timeline: 3 months with 6 facilitated planning sessions, as well as data-driven reports on ministry health, first-time guest experience and leadership roles and structure.

1.      Plan (Help you create a customized ministry plan and structure with tips on how to execute it.)

(Health Assessment) – Your team will receive an honest perspective on the current state and how we can improve it. (Fivefold Flow Assessment)
Define your DNA and why you are Unique to the Kingdom of God. (Clarify the mission/vision/values of the ministry)
Strategic Planning
(yearly planning)
1-time Guest experience
(what does it look like currently? How to get them out of their seat and into discipleship (plant, create, be great)
(What projects/programs/events are you giving continuously? What have you not done? Learn how to do this from start to finish)
(Define all the leadership position of the ministry. How are you evaluating the progress of your leaders? How often do you meet individually? As a team? What is the succession plan? How are they trained for their role? Plan restructure and evaluate the impact)

2.      Implement and Follow-through (accountability and ongoing coaching) We teach you how to follow through.


(Check-ins of progress, involvement of all; no one left out. It takes the body.


(Measure, refresh and maintain)


(What worked? What didn’t work?)

A La Carte:

1 st, we start with a 3-part process that will answer the following questions:

·        Assess (How are you Doing?)

·        Plan (Where are we going?)

·        Structure (Who is doing what?)

Next, we will select an offering:

·        Branding – Church Identity – Who are you in the Kingdom?

·        Strategic Planning – Plan for the future annually

·        Developing a Mission Statement – clarify or develop your purpose and call

·        Creating a Vision Statement = clarify and communicate your future for your ministry

·        Develop Church Core Values Statement (Statement of Belief)

·        Determine Values – Stand on your purpose and beliefs

·        Leadership Development – Coach and train to maximize your team performance and unity

·        Learn how to align your systems, structures and processes for your ministry in the most impactful way.

·        Design a plan to grow and engage discipleship inside your ministry with current and new members/employees.

Digital Strategy

·  Stay Connected

·   Social Media

·   Email

·   Content

·   Images

·   Media

·        Teach staff how to keep it updated and relevant. 

·        Marketing Strategies 

·        Security Solutions to keep you away from: 

·    Spam 

·    Phishing 

·   Viruses 

·    Harmful Content 


Other Services: M&A (Get a clear perspective on acquiring a new ministry.)

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